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If you are a producer of Food and Drink based in the Scottish Borders - or a hotel, restaurant, retailer or cafe  - you may be interested in joining us? You can download details of the money-saving benefits and an application form on the ABOUT US/Membership page on this website (see the Menu above).  If you have any queries, please email:

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Taste the Scottish Borders

Why not treat yourself or your family to a sensational local meal made from fabulous Scottish Borders produce?

The Scottish Borders is a land of rolling hills, farmland and rugged coast, and the area produces some of the most delicious food in the country. You can sample it at one of the many excellent pubs, cafes and hotels listed on this website, but if eating at home is more your thing, then why not have your own celebration using some of the stunning produce available from the Scottish Borders Food Network members listed on this website?


Scottish Borders Food Network members all have a commitment to producing, using and showcasing the world class food which comes from this stunning part of Scotland. You can find out more about the producers, places to eat local food, and Farmers Markets in the area by clicking on the links above or on the left.


FREE to pick up and take home!....or to download from this site - just click the Food Trails tab at the top of the page.....

A bumper guide to Scottish Borders food and drink producers, suppliers, cafes and restaurants - PLUS great recipes to try, features and delightful images.  Pick up a copy in Tourist Information Centres, cafes, shops and venues across the region...... OR for convenience - you can also download a copy from this site by going to Food Trails and Recipes - just click on the tab above.

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We hope you will enjoy the Directory and it will lead you to try lots of new food and drink from the Scottish Borders - and eat out at some of our great hotels, restaurants and cafes



Check out Left Field Kombucha - a deliciously refreshing, naturally sparkling and non-alcoholic craft-brewed tea.


Find details on our Who Makes It? page - click on the tab at the top of this Home page.  Scroll down to the Beverages section.

LOOK !   A SET OF FOOD AND DRINK TRAIL LEAFLETS - including the Borders Railway route


We've produced a great set of Food and Drink Trails to guide you around shops, hotels, cafe's and direct you to producers across the Scottish Borders, from Peebles to Eyemouth.   Pocket size to keep in the car or your bag, so they are always handy.  Available to pick up FREE in venues across the region - OR - click on the Food Trails and Recipes tab at the top of this page to download the trails and other items as pdf's.

We hope you will enjoy the journey!


KELSO FARMERS MARKET - held every 4th Saturday of every month - a great place to try and buy locally produced foods and drink.  Read more about the market on the Who Sells It? page of this website - click the tab above and go to Eastern Borders.



The Farmers Market runs every Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm with an array of fresh and unique local produce available to try and to buy - direct from the makers.  You will find the Farmers Market on the High Street outside the Eastgate Theatre (where you can also get a good cup of coffee or tea!).



Scottish Borders - a traditional larder

Robert Burns spoke of southern Scotland as a ‘land o’ cakes’ - his reference was not to any sweet confection but plain oatcakes and barley bannocks, baked on an iron girdle over the fire. Wheat wasn’t really grown in the Borders until the late18th century, as oats and barley were more reliable crops -  so wheat flour for bread was a later introduction to daily fare.

Whilst we still enjoy oatcakes today, the barley bannock has now disappeared. It was made by heating milk with a knob of butter and a pinch of salt, adding the barley flour until it swelled into a pliable dough. The bannock was baked until thin and crispy, with a slightly moist centre, and eaten hot.

The yeasted wheat Selkirk bannock reputedly made its first appearance around 1859, deliciously incorporating sugar, spices, and dried fruit. Queen Victoria is said to have enjoyed Selkirk bannock on a visit to Abbotsford House in 1867, after which the demand for these succulent, sultana-stuffed breads soared. It endures as a delicious Scottish Borders delicacy – whether eaten fresh or toasted, warmed and spread with butter – or made into a delicious variation of standard bread and butter pudding.

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